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Dimitri gives dining and entertainment in Ormond Beach a Blow and Cancels the Blues

Many of you already are aware of the closing recently of Blues & Brews Bistro.

What some of you don't know is the extent to which the Landlord allegedly went to cover up issues and swindle the owners into his building.

Our sources are reliable so we followed up by asking Dimitri the hard questions.

No answers were received.

The building has so many issues that the City, County & State should be looking into as it may be dangerous to let the building stand.

Here are the questions we asked it also spells out the troubles the building is facing.

Dimitri, this is Jeff from Behind Daytona.

I am doing an article on the situation between you and Blues and Brews Bistro. Can you please respond?

Dimitri, did you know about the broken sewage pipe prior to your dealings with Blues and Brews? (WE HAVE FIRST HAND WITNESSES THAT ARE ADAMANT THAT HE DID)

Did you at any time promise them the leaks in the ceiling would be fixed?

Are you aware your property is now Rat Infested?

What are you doing about it?

There seems to be structural damage to the staircases and electrical hazards as well. Are you bringing them up to code?

Is your property now up for sale?

Is there currently further litigation expected?

Do you think the damaged sewage line has been contaminating the local environment?

Have you hired a contractor to fix any of the issues? Who are they if so?

Do you personally feel any responsibility to the community for allowing your property to fall into disrepair?

Do you have anything to say to the community?

No answers from Dimitri were forthcoming and it looks like the owners of Blues and Brews will be filing a civil suit claiming Dimitri commited fraud by not disclosing the issues wrong with the building.

To the Code Enforcement officials we hope you thoroughly look into these issues so nobody else is affected.

Jeff Stolowitz

Editor & Publisher

Behind Your Destination Media Group LLC

908 403-0296



Apr 01

Seems like a hit piece to me. You know there are lawsuits involved in this case, and you knew that there would be no response from the owner because of these lawsuits. You are taking advantage of this in order to write an article with only one side of the story. Just because a place you liked to attend didn't make it you are slandering a person that has family ties to the city for many years. This family has provided jobs for many people, over many years, and to those who needed it most in the community. This article is what is wrong with journalism in America. It is based on feelings rather than facts.

Bobbi Russell
Bobbi Russell
Apr 01
Replying to

Dimitri is a slum lord. I worked for him several years ago, before the deck was added. He still smoked in his restaurant, even though no smoking in restaurants were allowed. I feel bad for the new owners who got taken over by him. He is not a nice person!


Mar 30

Thank you Jeff for posting this. The closing of Blues & Brews Bistro, hurt and saddened a large number of people; from the Leasers to the hired help and everyone in between. It was a friendly, family like atmosphere at BB&B… And to think it’s due to the Landlord not fixing the hidden major issues with the establishment, it turns sadness to anger! So many worked so hard and it went well until the dirt hidden under the rug began to surface! I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants justice!!!!

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