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Keep Up With The Current Hotel In Tampa

Updated: Feb 11

The Current Hotel in Tampa, Florida, is part of a collection of hotels by Marriott that I have grown quite fond of over the past few years, the Autograph Collection.

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Located in Tampa's Rocky Point neighborhood, it sits on the tip of a peninsula that juts out into Old Tampa Bay.

Straight across the bay is the St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport. Far enough away that the planes are not a noisy bother yet close enough to offer poetic scenes, the planes coming to and fro, especially in the evening.

I loved the art throughout the hotel.

Check the video below for a hotel walk through and more art! Photo C. Guarria

Our room was a standard king guest room. At 312 square feet, it was just short of the USA average of approximately 325. However, it felt big, as did the bathroom. The view of Old Tampa Bay made it perfect.

Another piece of perfection is the private beach. Majestically lit blue at night with a few modest steps to a deck for drinking and eating. The pool is conveniently located near the private beach.

Private Beach looking across Old Tampa Bay towards St. Petersburg-Clearwater. Photo C.Guarria

What isn't so perfect is the surrounding neighborhood. It is a mix of residential, parking, and one restaurant, The Rusty Pelican.

The Rusty Pelican looked nice; we didn't eat there. All the meals we ate at Julian and the accompanying lounge located within The Current were on point.

For great dining spots in Tampa, I'd suggest Eddie V's Prime Seafood or Cooper's Hawk. We've never gone wrong with either. Both are just 10 minutes from the hotel.

One funky thing happened when we first arrived. The Current receptionist said Julian restaurant was open when it wasn't. Thing is, we were standing, waiting, to be seated for a little more than should be allowable in such a fine hotel as this. The bar was serving food instead. I know; I am picking at nits. Still, it bothered me to be misinformed after a three-plus hour drive.

There are over 200 Autograph Collection hotels throughout the world. Smith Travel Research rates all Authorgraph Collections by Marriott as upper, upscale. The Current fully deserves that rating.

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